New analytics service for a more consumer-centric energy market

The energy market is intensively competitive and a more diverse group of emission conscious consumers demand more choice and information. To help utilities respond to the rapidly evolving market Enoro has today introduced Utilytics, a new analytics solution, at European Utility Week in Vienna.

Utilytics uses machine learning and advanced real-time statistical analysis to create insights from energy consumer behaviour aiming to increase the competitive edge of energy utilities. Utilytics is offered with a subscription-based model for software as a service with low monthly cost and open pricing.

”The Nordic market is one of the world’s most advanced energy markets, and a perfect birth-place for innovative international utility management solutions. Through close cooperation with some of our key customers, we believe we have discovered new ideas that will change the way utilities compete and support consumers,” says Anders H. Lier, President & CEO, Enoro.

The cooperation with selected Nordic utilities involves data from nearly one million smart meters. The first phase of Utilytics offers a complete set of pre-configured use-cases designed to bring competitive advantage: Customer Segmentation, Customer Churn, Customer Profitability, Load Forecasting, Revenue Analysis and Data Quality Assurance.