SUEZ Ventures, the SUEZ Ventures Capital Fund, is supporting PRODEVAL


suez_environnementSUEZ Ventures is supporting the development of PRODEVAL on the biogas recovery market by acquiring a 22% minority share through a financial investment in the company.

Based in Châteauneuf-sur-Isère, France, the family company PRODEVAL achieved strong growth in 2015 through the development and sale of its VALOPUR® product, which recovers the biogas produced by the methanation of organic waste and sewage sludge as biomethane.


site-de-liffra_-valopur-100-120-nm3-h-de-biogazaprodevalinnovation at the heart of the regional energy transition

Biomethane is a new source of carbon-free, local and renewable energy. This green gas can be injected into the local gas distribution network to supplement natural gas. The production of biomethane is contributing to the development of renewables, with the support of the French and European authorities. The European directive 2009/28/EC has set the target of incorporating 20% of renewable energies in the total energy consumption of the European Union by 2020.
PRODEVAL leads the market for the production of biomethane in France, mainly thanks to the development of the innovative and efficient VALOPUR® technology for the purification of biogas. Based on high-performance membranes, this process can reach a purification efficiency in excess of 99%, meaning that less than 1% of the methane is lost. The purified biogas is then transformed into natural gas for vehicles or biomethane that can be injected into urban natural gas networks.

Biomethane: a fast-growing energy source

The production of biomethane is growing strongly in France and Europe, where it is driving the development of renewables, thanks to its performance in terms of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The development of this substitute for natural gas could cut greenhouse gas emissions in France by more than 750,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents by 2020, for an estimated quantity of biomethane of 4 TWh by the same time[1].

PRODEVAL and SUEZ have already successfully collaborated on the recovery of biogas produced by the methanation of sewage sludge. Since 2015, they have won several joint contracts, including one for the construction of a biomethane production unit in the wastewater treatment plant in Grenoble, which was inaugurated on 24 September, and other references in Angers, La-Roche-sur-Foron, Annecy and Quimper.

SUEZ Venture’s acquisition of a share in PRODEVAL will consolidate our collaboration and support the development of this innovative young company on the high-growth biomethane market in France and abroad, by speeding up the commercial deployment of its VALOPUR® product. This technology of the future offers a new form of local and renewable energy to local authorities that will help them in their energy transition,” declared Eric Landais, Managing Director of SUEZ Ventures.  

Sébastien Paolozzi, Managing Director of PRODEVAL added: “As a long-established player in biogas, PRODEVAL must act as a driving force behind the development of biomethane in France and abroad. The acquisition of a minority stake in PRODEVAL’s capital by SUEZ Ventures will speed up our growth in order to propose a durable response to the market’s demands, and to develop R&D and export activities, while remaining independent and reactive.

The SUEZ Group is a pioneer and a leader in the production and recovery of biomethane from wastewater in France. It has numerous references with almost 170 methanation units in its water and waste treatment facilities all over the world. This investment in PRODEVAL will strengthen its presence on the biogas market, where the Group intends to increase its production by 30% to 50% in the next five years.


[1] Study of the assessment of the impacts on greenhouse gas emissions of the injection of biomethane into natural gas networks, ADEME and GrDF, 2015