Walney Offshore Windpark

The second offshore substations  is shipped from the ENGIE Fabricom yard in Hoboken

Earlier this month Walney 3 ans the second substation for Race Bank have left the yard.The consortium comprising ENGIE Fabricom and Iemants chosen by Dong Energy to build the Walney 3 and 4 offshore substations reports that Walney 4 set out today from the ENGIE Fabricom site in Hoboken bound for the wind farm in the Irish Sea. Standing 35 metres tall and weighing in at 2,900 tonnes, this is the second substation to leave the ENGIE Fabricom site this month. The substation was accompanied by its 48-metre-high jacket foundation. The jacket was fully assembled on the Iemants site in Vlissingen in the Netherlands and then transported to Hoboken earlier this month. Race Bank 1 and Walney 3 also left Belgium earlier this month (on March 5 and March 18 respectively). It is unusual for so many substations to ship in such a short period of time.

The Walney wind farm in the Irish Sea, 19 km off the coast of Cumbria, already comprises two substations. It is currently being expanded to include two additional substations, making it the largest offshore wind farm in Europe. It will supply green power to 600,000 families in the UK, with the expansion due to commission in 2018. Dong Energy awarded the contract for building five substations to the ENGIE Fabricom/Iemants consortium. ENGIE Fabricom is in charge of the entire construction and commissioning on site, while Iemants is responsible for the steel construction work on the five substations and their jacket foundations. The Burbo Bank and Race Bank 2 substations shipped last year. The consortium already has considerable experience in this area, having previously constructed substations for wind farms off the coasts of Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

ENGIE Axima – the expert in HVAC, cooling and fire safety within the ENGIE Group – was also involved in building the five substations ordered by Dong Energy. It delivered five rooftop units with a capacity of 4000 m³/h for treating fresh air, as well as 56 air conditioning cabinets and associated condensing units. Air treatment at substations is very important, since the facilities are located at sea in an extremely humid and brackish environment. The air conditioning system dehumidifies the air so that the relative humidity remains under a certain limit, while also filtering salt out of the air in order to prevent corrosion. It lets in fresh air and creates overpressure so that no untreated air comes into direct contact with the installation. And it also controls the temperature so that the installations do not overheat.

Iemants is an international steel construction company with a proven track record in the engineering, production, delivery and assembly of mainly heavy, technically complex steel constructions. Iemants ranks among the world’s top steel construction companies. With regard to substations and their foundations, Iemants offers a full range of services from manufacturing to complete EPCI projects. Over the years, Iemants has gained valuable experience by successfully completing projects such as Gemini, Gode Wind, Luchterduinen, Amrumbank and Butendiek. Iemants and its sister companies belong to Eiffage, one of the European leaders in construction and concessions.

ENGIE Axima ontwerpt, realiseert en onderhoudt klimaatregelings- en brandbeveiligingsinstallaties voor bedrijven en lokale overheden. Het bedrijf is ook een specialist in commerciële en industriële koeltechnieken. Door haar klanten te helpen om minder en efficiënter energie te verbruiken, werkt ENGIE Axima mee aan de energietransitie. ENGIE AXIMA en haar dochterondernemingen genereerden in 2016 een omzet van bijna 300 miljoen euro en tellen bijna 1800 medewerkers.