ATEX Certified Pumps that Save Energy and Guarantee Dosing Accuracy

As a leading distributor of dosing pumps, LDT Dosiertechnik GmbH of Hamburg, offers its customers over 25 years of experience. Part of its extensive product range includes a specialized metering pump from Dosatron that works on hydro power and requires no electrical supply. The pumps are installed directly into the water supply line and are operated by a hydraulic motor which only needs the flow and pressure of water to operate.
The innovative LDT Dosatron pump design has been used for several years in industries such as environmental, hygiene, water treatment, car wash, metal processing, printing, horticulture and animal health. The introduction of ATEX certified models for use in explosive environments extends the use of this highly energy efficient unit to other industries such as mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical.
The hydro-powered volumetric pumps provide high accuracy dosing for use in multiple applications. A dosing piston is driven by the motor and provides a continuous injection of liquid or soluble concentrate. As dosing is proportional to the water flow rate, accurate dosing is assured independently of any fluctuations in water flow rate or pressure.
The latest LDT Dosatron ATEX Industry Line pumps can be installed in ATEX zones 0, 1 and 2. They provide accurate, repeatable results to ±3% according to API 675. This level of accuracy reduces the amount of chemicals needed in a design that completely prevents any overdosing or underdosing; saving operators significant costs and helping to protect the environment. The pumps’ innovative operation further provides continuous and immediate mixing of water and additives so no downstream mixing is required to create homogenous results. This means they have the added benefit of a lower overall installation cost compared with the use of electric piston or diaphragm pumps. Furthermore, metering accuracy is not affected by piping lengths so these flexible units can be installed in any location without compromise to performance; giving them a distinct advantage over venturi based technology.
LDT Dosatron ATEX Industry Line pumps are available for flows from 0.7 m³/h to 20 m³/h, with operating pressures from 0.12 to 10 bar and a dosing rate in the range of 0.03% – 25%. A choice of housing and sealing materials are available to suit application needs and, although offering sophisticated performance, the simple design of the pump ensures they are exceptionally easy to maintain and operate.
The flexibility and reliability of the LDT Dosatron ATEX volumetric dosing pumps makes them ideal for use in many areas including mining, chemical, petrochemical, paints and pharmaceutical applications. The experience LDT Dosiertechnik offers its customers means they can be assured of choosing a supplier that can help solve their application challenges and give the peace of mind of total service excellence. Working in collaboration with its customers, LDT will help with product selection as well as offering short delivery times, rapid repair services and support throughout the lifetime of an installation.