British Water offers guidance post-Brexit

Industry trade association British Water says it can help its members navigate the new political, economic and trading landscape following last week’s surprise referendum result. The decision of UK voters to leave the European Union is certain to have a significant impact on a sector where considerable investment is driven by EU directives on water, wastewater and the environment. Lloyd Martin, Chief Executive of British Water, which represents over 180 businesses in the water industry, said, “Following the result of the referendum on EU membership, industry finds itself in uncertain yet stimulating times. British Water recognises the significant impact that EU directives and the resulting investment have had in driving improvements in water and wastewater quality and for the environment since water company privatisation in the 1980s. “British Water has the knowledge and expertise to help businesses both in the UK and internationally, through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Through our experienced team and well established networks in both the private and public sectors, we can advise our members and provide stable governance at this time of change.”Mr Martin continued, “As we move into this new era, we will be seeking early clarity of what the post-AMP6 [2020 onwards] landscape may look like for the UK water sector, on behalf of our members. Our membership will welcome stability and we can provide members with expert guidance through our technical and UK forums. “Internationally, British Water has always worked in varied markets, both inside and outside the EU. We understand the differing requirements of all these markets, many of which are complex, and we shall continue to develop support for our members’ export sales growth.”