SUEZ wins a contract to improve water distribution service

SUEZ has won a six-year contract to improve water distribution services in the Cossipore district of Kolkata. As part of Kolkata Environmental Improvement Investment Program (KEIIP)1 aided by Asian Development Bank, the scope of work of this €30 million contract includes supporting the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) in water services management to ensure the 24/7 distribution of quality drinking water to 0.2 million residents of Cossipore district, reduce water losses and improve Customer Services.
In the first three years of contract, the focus will be to minimize the water loss, currently estimated at more than 60%, and transition from intermittent to 24/7 supply. The scope of work achieved by SUEZ in this initial phase involves replacing or rehabilitating network, hydraulic modelling and establishing 25 District Metering Areas (DMAs) to facilitate leaks detection. SUEZ will also install or replace 25,000 House Connections & Domestic meters, in 150 kilometers of distribution network in the project area.


This phase will be followed by three years of Operation and Management in which SUEZ will work towards increasing network performance with the deployment of solutions like Helium Leak Detection Technique2. The Group will also improve customer services by offering back-end support, faster complaint resolution and ensure 24/7 distribution of quality drinking water to all the residents of Cossipore.
“With a longstanding experience in water services and day-to-day network operation in cities like Algiers, Casablanca, Jakarta, Chongqing and more recently in Indian cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, we will be able to ensure improved services for the residents of Kolkata. This contract highlights SUEZ’s commitment to support local authorities in the development of sustainable solutions to the ever-increasing water access problem” stated Marie-Ange Debon, Senior Executive Vice-President in charge of the International Division of SUEZ.

[1] With a mission to benchmark the services that enhance the quality of urban life and environment, KEIIP has been continuously engaged, over the last few years, to ensure 100% coverage of 24 hour quality water supply in the city, quality water supply, minimize water loss, enhance capacity to bring efficiency in water supply operations, 100% sewage treatment and re-use whenever possible, among others.

[2] SUEZ’s Helium Leak Detection Technique for finding invisible leaks is well adapted for cities of developing countries where intermittent supply, low pressure and noisy environment makes detection with traditional technique difficult and inefficient. The application needs no pre-localisation for leak finding, is highly accurate in locating the leak point and finds more leaks compared to any other technique.